REAL Hero Values

When Waitākiri School was established in 2014 the Board of Trustees and leadership team consulted with the community to find out what parents wanted for their children. The question was asked “What are the qualities and attributes a Waitākiri School student should embody?”

The response led to the identification of the REAL CHOICES values. In 2015 we refined the values and motto of our school to: 

REAL Heroes making REAL CHOICES!

This means children who:
Respect self, others and the environment
Encourage others
Achieve to the best of their ability, and are…
Lifelong learners
Children who display these values are REAL Heroes!
Staff planning learning experiences for children want to make sure they have REAL Heroes making REAL CHOICES. This means considering and planning for:
Community involvement where ever possible,
Hauora (well-being), learning experiences that will enhance the well-being of our children,
Opportunity, children will be given opportunity to lead their learning and become confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners
Innovation, children will be given the opportunity to innovate through their inquiries and research into areas of interest
Collaboration and creativity, children will be encouraged to collaborate to solve problems, inquire into their world and communicate with others, they will be encouraged to think critically, creatively and use metacognitive processes to make sense of their world
Enjoyment, children learn best when they are in a challenging and supportive learning culture- where they are enjoying learning
Sustainability, the future of our world depends on sustainable practices, Waitākiri children will be encouraged to show respect for the environment. Waitakiri School is an Enviroschool.
A school of REAL Heroes making REAL CHOICES means children will have a say in their learning. At times they will have choice about what they are learning, where they learn, who they learn with and they will be involved in decision making about how their learning space and their school is run. They will make REAL CHOICES!
We encourage our families to use the REAL Hero concept at home with their children.