Important Documents

The Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team are pleased to share the 2022 ERO report from the Educational Review Office (see link below).  
The report confirms the positive results of the incredible amount of work the Waitākiri Primary School team have done over the last three years. It also affirms the direction of the school, the collaborative approach to teaching and learning and the quality of teaching at our school. From our perspective this is an exceptional report with the school receiving the maximum possible review period before the next review of 4 – 5 years. To achieve this outcome is quite rare and indicates the quality of governance, leadership, systems, structures, the curriculum and the professional support teachers and staff receive at the school. 
Please take the time to read the review (it is just a few pages). Feel free to contact Andrew Barker or our Board members if you have any questions or comments about the review. 

Click HERE to access Waitākiri School Strategic Plan 2024-2025

Click HERE to access Waitākiri School Annual Implementation Plan 2024

Click HERE to access Waitākiri School Charter 2023

Waitākiri Member of the Ōtākaro Kāhui Ako Community of Learners
Principal’s endorsement: Andrew Barker
Board of Trustees’ endorsement: Leroy Lewis