Uniform & Stationery


We have a smart uniform that reflects our REAL CHOICES values. Students are expected and encouraged to take pride in wearing their uniform and in their general appearance.

Please see our Uniform Brochure HERE

SHOES – Black shoes or sandals only (no coloured soles or strapping/laces/stitching).

SOCKS & TIGHTS – Black or white plain ankle or knee length socks (no colours or motifs on the socks) or plain black tights.

SCHOOL HAT – School hats are compulsory in Term 1 & Term 4. (If a child does not have a hat they will need to sit in the shade during outdoor/break/lunch time.)

JEWELLERY & PIERCINGS – No jewellery is to be worn, other than a watch and ear studs (no hoops-dangling earrings). Nose or tongue piercings are not permitted. Any taonga or religious medals can be worn but must be kept tucked under clothing.

HAIR & HAIR ACCESSORIES – Hair should be brushed and be kept neat and tidy, away from the face, especially the eyes. If hair is shoulder length, it must be tied back in a tidy manner by a hair tie or similar. Hair accessories need to be kept to hair colour ro school colours (black or blue). Affordable hair ties and clips are available at your local supermarket. No sparkly, multicolour or elaborate hair accessories are to be worn. Extremes in hair styles such as spikes, mohawks, patterns messages or numbers shaved into the hair are discouraged. Excessive amounts of wax or gel are discouraged. Hair style must allow wearing of the school sun hat in Terms 1 & 4. Hair dye is permitted provided the colour is natural colourings (and a single colour only). Please note: If students arrive at school with inappropriate hair styles, parents/caregivers will be contacted by the Principal or Deputy Principal to arrange for the necessary changes to be made.

FINGERNAIL POLISH & TATTOOS – Fingernail polish must not be worn, and tattoos are not acceptable.

UNDERWEAR – Thermals and leggings/bike shorts are not permitted to be seen under the school uniform. If they are worn, they must be the same length as the uniform item eg: short sleeved polo with short sleeved thermal.


Please visit Aly Maclean Apparel to order the school uniform. Orders received by Tuesday 12noon each week will be delivered the following day to your child at school.  Orders after Tuesday 12 midday will roll into the following week and be delivered the next Wednesday
Alternatively if you do not have access to the internet, please contact the school office who will be able to assist you in placing an order.
Samples are available to try on for sizing at the school office.
We sell beanies and scrunchies in the school colour from the school office. Beanies are $10 each and scrunchies are $3 each.
NB: Sun hats are compulsory during Terms 1 and 4 at all outdoor times. If a child does not have a hat they will need to sit in the shade during outdoor/break/lunch time.

Waitākiri Primary School orders children’s stationery from Qizzle.  

To order please do the following:

GO TO:    https://schoolpacks.co.nz/

Select: Waitākiri School

Click on: view details to see stationery items required

Enter child’s name

You can continue your order from here!

If you have any queries please contact the school office.  A Waitākiri library bag can be purchased from the school office during office hours of Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 3.30pm. Eftpos is available.