Who are we?

We are a Waitākiri Primary School in East Christchurch, we have the dream of providing a cost-effective community pool in the Burwood area!

Our community has a diverse range of backgrounds and ethnicities.  56% NZ Euro, 25% Maori, 8% pasifika, 6% Asian, 4% European

Why do we need a Pool?

At Waitākiri School we have noticed a concerning decline in the number of students who can swim 50m

For an Island Nation our drowning statistics are shocking. An average of 82 drownings per year over the past ten years

There are very limited swim lessons available at Taiora QEII. There is no way to put children on a waiting list for lessons

64 students are currently enrolled in our swim school in our small temporary 10m pool

We charge $10 for a 25 minute lesson. Others charge $18.30 for a 15 minute lesson or $23 for a 25 minute lesson

We are looking forward to offering more lessons to the community once we have our 25m pool

How can you help?

You can support us by sharing our cause on social media or donating below. Every little helps.