Our Orchard

Our Orchard began when we started the movement as a whole school to become a Green/Gold Enviro School. We have an active gardening club made up of students across the school who look after our Orchard and garden areas at least once a week. The students get to weed and water the gardens and grow and pick flowers, fruit and vegetables. We have a worm farm at school where food scraps from the staffroom are used to make worm tea for our garden, we collect rainwater to use on the gardens. Our school hens lay eggs that are sold by the Enviro FERNS, along with organic fruit and vegetables produced in our Orchard. Through involving students in gardening, we are introducing them to all aspects of sustainability. Students are taught to nourish our soil and look after our gardens so that healthy plants are produced not only for us but other living creatures that keep our ecosystem healthy. Students are taught to be a kaitiaki of our garden and the Earth that sustains us.