The library is a popular place at Waitākiri School with an extensive book collection and lots of comfortable places to read. It is open for children to visit with their teacher throughout the day and during lunchtime.

Our librarian is Mrs Lis Stevenson who works in the library every morning. She has an extensive knowledge of our collection and loves to help match children up with great books.

Mrs Stevenson is well supported by a team of year 6 librarians who are rostered on to help return, issue and shelve books each day. They love to read to younger children too.

Mrs Jacqui Malham is the Literacy Leader at Waitākiri School and has responsibility for the library. She loves buying great books for our children to read and creating displays to highlight new books or to celebrate authors and events.

During the school day classes visit the library either with their teacher to browse and change their books. Each lunch hour children of all ages are welcome to read, browse and select books from 12:30 – 1:00pm.

Accessing Our Library Catalogue

Children can access our library catalogue through our school website from school or home.

Children can search the library to see what books we have, reserve books and find information from library catalogues throughout the world. New books are displayed on the front page with websites and other book related links.

Each child’s username is their first name and the first letter of their surname (no capitals or spaces are needed)

e.g. fredf There is no password. 

Information for children using our library

  • Windsor and Burwood learning studios can have 2 books out at a time and have 2 weeks to read their books. Ōtākaro, Travis, Ruru and Korimako learning studios can have 2 books out at a time and have 4 weeks to read their books.
  • Children are asked to return their books on time. There are no fines for overdue books unless they have not been returned after 2 months. Then parents/caregivers will be charged for a replacement book. If you find a book within 6 months after you have paid for it you will be reimbursed the full cost.
  • All children must have a waterproof library bag/folder to carry books to and from home to prevent books getting damaged. Bags with the Waitākiri logo on them can be purchased at our school office for $5.00.
  • Children are responsible for the books they have issued in their name. If library books are damaged beyond repair or lost parents/caregivers are sent an account for the cost of replacing the book.

If you have any questions about the library please email

Mrs Lis StevensonLibrarianlis.stevenson@waitakiri.school.nz
Mrs Jacqui MalhamTeacher in charge of Libraryjacqui.malham@waitakiri.school.nz