Our Learning

Our vision is to develop REAL Learning Heroes making REAL CHOICES, Hanga kōwhiringa tūturu. That is, Respectful, Encouraging, Achieving Lifelong Learners who are connected to and active participants in their Community, learning, playing and interacting with positive Hauora (well-being) having Opportunities to Innovate, Collaborate, create, Enjoy learning and be Sustainable members of their community and world. 

To ensure our children are Achievers we have developed a quality place based curriculum and and two year conceptually based curriculum which give opportunity for children to engage in quality inquiry and teachers to respond to the learning moment. We have a strong emphasis on quality teaching and learning and rigorous systems to support students to develop the necessary numeracy and literacy skills to ensure their success as learners. Additionally, we have an emphasis on student self regulation and hauora. We want our students to progressively be more responsible for their learning and well-being.


Our strategic goal is for 95% or more of our Year 6 students to graduate from Waitākiri School ‘at’ or ‘above’ in the national standards, for 100% to have made progress with their self regulation and especially able to set, monitor and reflect on goals and for all students to express positive well-being / hauora. 

In 2016 our achievement rates were 93% ‘at’ and ‘above’! This was an outstanding result and evidenced continual improvement since the school was established in 2014 when our results were 87%. To ensure our decision making regarding standards is as accurate and consistent as possible we use tools such as asttlePAT‘s, GloSS and running records. 

We continue to monitor well-being, attitude and engagement data using the NZCER Well-Being@school surveys and then we design programmes and activities to work on areas where we need to see improvement. The survey provides detailed information about student attitudes to one another, their perception of teachers, of learning, of school rules and their feelings of safety and in particular issues such as bullying and culturally inclusive practices. Detailed reports are provided to the Board of Trustees each year and you can access these through the school. 


Our goal is for each child to make more than one years progress each year. This is an important school-wide goal as our data reveals nearly 50% of our new entrants are below the national standards in their first year. What has been evidenced since our school began (and affirmed by our recent ERO report) is that our collaborative approach to teaching and learning is providing an exceptional learning environment for our tamariki are achieving to very high levels. 


Teachers will communicate to parents the Big Ideas that will be explored each term.